Marco Gallia President of FLA at Rural 2019Federacion Lanera Argentina

Rural 2019: Challenges and Opportunities of the Argentinian Wool Clip

Presentation from the Rural 2019 On 30 July 2019, Marco Gallia,…
Outdoor fair report 2019lucas-clara-hvPB-UCAmmU-unsplash

Report from the OutDoor fair 2019

On 30 June to 3 July 2019, the European Outdoor Group organised…
Largest wool exporterchuttersnap-9cCeS9Sg6nU-unsplash (1)

Fuhrmann is the largest wool exporter in Argentina

In July 2019, the Argentinian Wool Federation (FLA) published…
Farm Manager Meeting 2019Fuhrmann Argentina

Annual Farm Manager Meeting 2019

On 6-7 June 2019, all 12 Fuhrmann Farm Managers and their teams…
Argentinian Mulesing Free WoolFuhrmann Argentina

Naturally Mulesing Free

Sheep in Argentina do not need to be mulesed which makes Argentinian…
Life Cycle Assessment for WoolNumerco

Life Cycle Assessment of the Fuhrmann wool operation

Understanding our impacts At Fuhrmann, our goal is to fully…
Fuhrmann Argentina Organic Wool Mill 6Fuhrmann Argentina
Japan Yarn Fair 2019Fuhrmann Argentina