Custodians of the land and sheep – Video documentary – Episode 3

In the third episode of our video documentary, Willy Gallia meets up with his brother Maximo Gallia, Director and his father Memo Gallia, the President at Fuhrmann. Together they inspect the latest addition to the 12 Fuhrmann managed farms.

Farm Life Journey Episode 3: Lambing Season

After a long winter, spring has finally arrived in Patagonia in the South of Argentina. The best thing about spring is our lambing season when our cute little lambs finally arrive.

Farm Life Journey Episode 2: Meet our shearing teams

As of 15 July 2018, the Fuhrmann shearing season has officially begun. Our shearing season lasts for three months until the middle of October. Two shearing teams travel from farm to farm starting on the farms located in the north-east of Patagonia.

Farm Life Journey Episode 1: Sheep mating season

After a quiet month of February on the farm, our sheep year starts with the sheep mating season. This period of the year is the end of summer going into autumn. The rams and ewes live for the most part of the year in separate flocks. Between March and June, we join our rams together […]