Fuhrmann family by Fuhrmann S.A. Organic Wool

Fuhrmann is the largest top maker and exporter of wool and wool tops in Argentina

Fuhrmann is the only vertically integrated top maker in the world offering farm management with exponential growth. This means we can ensure traceability of the wool you buy, from the farm all the way to your production facilities.

We are the no. 1 exporter of wool and wool tops in Argentina. This allows us to serve you the quality and quantity of wool you need for your products.

We are also the only top maker who is entirely based in the city of Trelew, in Patagonia, the South of Argentina. Therefore we are closely connected to the farms we work with. Being located close to the wool source keeps transportation distances short and our environmental impact low.

Fuhrmann is part of the GSchneider Group based in Switzerland. GSchneider sources wool and other fine animal hair fibres around the world. The Group also runs several wool and cashmere processing plants. Fuhrmann and GSchneider work closely together for the benefit of our clients.

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