Carbon Neutral Wool

Life Cycle Assessment

We have conducted an LCA from farm to wool top ready for you to use to assess your own products.

Climate neutral

By investing in carbon-neutral projects we have offset our emissions ensuring our wool tops are carbon neutral.

Create sustainable products

By sourcing our climate neutral wool you can create wool products with a low environmental impact.

We help you create carbon neutral wool products

If you are like us, then you also wish to do everything in your power to ensure a healthy future for our planet. Creating products that have a neutral or even positive carbon footprint are part of the necessary steps for a sustainable future.

In order for you to create a carbon neutral wool product, you need to begin with the sheep grazing on the paddock. We have taken the necessary steps to measure and offset our carbon impact which allows you to take our carbon neutral wool tops to the next level.

At Fuhrmann, we are pioneering the road to tackling climate change. Every day we learn and try to find new ways to improve our own product footprint.


Stephen Wiedemann

In 2018, we conducted our own Life Cycle Assessment in order to benchmark where we stand. This step was important for us to better understand where and how we can reduce our environmental impacts on farm as well as in the mill.

We looked specifically at the following two areas:

  • Resources used

    Water consumption, water stress, fossil energy and land occupation on Fuhrmann managed farms as well in the mill.

  • GHG emissions

    Greenhouse gas emissions like Co2 and methane released by our sheep flocks and through our milling process.

The benchmarking exercise was conducted by the Australian LCA and agricultural environmental expert Dr. Stephen Wiedemann and his team from Integrity AG & Environment.

Stephen’s key areas of expertise include environmental management, waste and nutrient management, carbon accounting and ERF projects, LCA and resource use efficiency, environmental guideline development and agricultural extension.

Stephen has conducted fundamental LCA research for the wool industry and is an expert advisor to the International Wool Textile Organisation (IWTO).


Benchmarking our entire operation gave us many new insights and ideas on how we can continue our efforts in constantly improving ourselves and reducing our environmental footprint. With these new insights and ideas, we have updated our strategy and have started working on implementing our short, medium and long term environmental goals.

The projects we have initiated vary from small to large and affect our farms and our mill. Watch this space to learn more as we complete our new initiatives.

While some projects will take longer to implement, we already wanted to do something now to reduce our footprint. That is why we invested in offsetting our emissions. See below for more details.

Carbon Offset

The benchmarking analysis provided us with the exact number of greenhouse gas emissions. This enables us to continuously improve on reducing our emissions and we are busy implementing the necessary steps. However, in the meantime, we already want to reduce our environmental impact. By knowing exactly how much we emit, we can offset these emissions by investing into carbon positive projects. In April 2019, we have officially partnered with Numerco supporting a carbon sequestration project in Uruguay.

Life Cycle Assessment

About Numerco

Numerco is an award-winning supply company specializing in carbon offsetting and renewable energy products, with an in-depth knowledge of regional programmes and industry-wide emissions schemes. As one of the largest suppliers in the market, Numerco has been assisting over 200 clients in 38 different countries to meet their climate and sustainability goals. Numerco provides end-to-end solutions by calculating carbon footprints, developing internal strategies and supplying brand-aligned offsets for carbon neutrality & compliance purposes. Its services encompass the full project life cycles as well as developing communication and marketing material for emission reduction initiatives. Numerco continues to be a prominent and trusted partner in the evolving environmental commodity markets and work with a diverse range of corporate customers on embedding supply chain sustainability and driving climate ambitions.

Find out more about Numerco here.

Meet our partners for carbon neutral wool


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