Mulesing free

Because of the sanitary conditions in Argentina, there is no need for mulesing. Find out more about our animal welfare standards…


With our organic wool you can track your final wool product from the grasslands of Patagonia to your retail shop.

Discover organic wool from the wilderness of Patagonia

Organic Wool in Harmony with Nature

Wool is already the best natural fibre available. At Fuhrmann we are taking things a step further by growing organic wool in total harmony with nature.

Our processing mill in Trelew is GOTS certified and all our wool tops meet the GOTS standard requirements.

We always welcome brand and retail partners who come with a spirit of helping us direct our efforts towards improving our standards.

About us

Traceability of the Wool

Fuhrmann is the only vertically integrated top maker in the world offering farm management with exponential growth. This means we can ensure traceability of the wool you buy, from the farm all the way to your production facilities.

We are the no. 1 exporter of wool and wool tops in Argentina. This allows us to serve you the quality and quantity of wool you need for your products.

We are also the only top maker who is entirely based in the city of Trelew, in Patagonia, the South of Argentina. Therefore we are closely connected to the farms we work with. Being located close to the wool source keeps transportation distances short and our environmental impact low.

Fuhrmann family by Fuhrmann S.A. Organic Wool

  • All Fuhrmann wool is mulesing free

    The practice of mulesing is not needed in Argentina due to the natural sanitary conditions, therefore all sheep are not-mulesed.

  • All our wool tops are processed in accordance with the GOTS protocol

    Our entire wool scouring and combing mill in Trelew is GOTS certified and every bale of wool gets processed in accordance to the GOTS standard.

  • Our grasslands are healthy

    On all Fuhrmann farms, we manage the grasslands based on standards that ensure that no desertification occurs.

  • Our organic wool is traceable

    We either grow our organic wool ourselves or buy the wool directly from the farmers we know and trust and drive it directly to our mill in Trelew.

Fuhrmann is certified for the following standards:


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Our mission

Our Philosophy

Being immersed in the unique wilderness of Patagonia we believe in a sustainable way of life that inspires people to challenge themselves, to reach out for nature and to take the road less travelled.

How we work

We rear our sheep, grow and process our wool in the most sustainable, animal-friendly and organic way. Just how nature has intended it to be.

What we do

We offer the source and the essence of slow fashion products through our GOTS certified, sustainable, non-mulesed, organic wool created by the unique wilderness of Patagonia.

What we like right now

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Meet our brand partners

If you are interested in becoming one of our brand partners, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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