Argentinian Polo team in Merino Wool Jackets by Topo Braun and Fuhrmann

At the initiative of Topo Braun and Fuhrmann, the Argentinian Polo team traveled to the World Cup with representative jackets

The Argentinian national team left for the FIP Polo World Cup in Wellington, to be played between October 26 and November 6. But not just like that, at the initiative of Diego “Topo” Braun, the Fuhrmann company, leader in wool exports in the country, made a jacket in pure merino wool from the coast of the province of Chubut, to accompany the team.

Based on the experience of the former coach of Argentina who brought home the cup at the World Cup Sydney 2017, and to give a sense of belonging and formality of delegation to the national team, El Topo donated these jackets and pins and gave a motivational talk in which he told his experiences and expressed the feeling of representing the country and all that this entails.

These jackets are made with 100% Argentinian wool whose raw material comes from certified establishments under the organic standard (GOTS) and animal welfare RWS taking special care for people, the environment, the welfare of the animals involved (sheep), and the chemicals used in the process. The result is a garment of high textile level combined with strong ethical content. On the other hand, the Fundación Manos Patagónicas, located in the mountain town of Esquel and dedicated to supporting people in socially vulnerable situations, wanted to make its contribution to the Argentinian polo team with a pin with the Argentinian flag and a ceibo flower (national flower), always made from merino wool felt.

The delivery of the jackets took place during the last team practice, and each player, including the coach Ale Agote, took his jacket with the goal of bringing the cup home again.

Let’s remember that the Argentinian team is integrated by: Marcelo Garrahan (h) 5, Marcos Panelo (h) 4, Tomás Marín Moreno 4,

Estanislao Abelenda 3, Tomás Delfino 3, Joaquín Sánchez Herrero 3, Bartolomé Fermín Bayugar 3 and Santiago Buzzi 3. They will be part of Zone A together with Spain, Mexico and Pakistan.

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