Fuhrmann is the largest wool exporter in Argentina

In July 2019, the Argentinian Wool Federation (FLA) published their annual wool export statistics. Similar to the previous year, Fuhrmann Argentina is the largest wool exporter with a share of 19,65% of the total Argentinian wool clip (clean). Overall, the company has exported 4398,1 tonnes of wool in the form of greasy, scoured, tops, noils and by-products. The majority of this wool was fine merino and medium type wools. 

The five main exporting countries for Fuhrmann were: Germany (2002,6 tons), Egypt (923,8 tons), Mexico (285,8 tons), China (280,2 tons) and Italy (218,5 tons). Other smaller exporting countries include Peru, Turkey, Bolivia, Brazil among others. 


Fuhrmann, who is owned by the Schneider Group, is also the largest exporter of noils with a market share of 31,87%. The majority of noils are delivered to the Schneider Group co-owned company Progetto Lana in Italy. The mill is specialised in recycling wool textile products such as noils. 


The FLA export data also provides statistics for each wool product. These rankings show Fuhrmann as the second-largest exporter of greasy (15,83% market share), tops (20,53 %) and by-products (26,58%). For scoured wool, Fuhrmann is only the 4th largest exporter with a market share of 15,63%.


Overall the 2019 statistics show that China remains the largest exporting destination for Argentinian wool with a market share of 27,6% followed by Germany with 22,3% and Italy with 9,7%. 


For further details visit the FLA website for more information on the Argentinian wool market. 

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