Students successfully build sheep management equipment

Fuhrmann Collaboration with Agricultural School

During the month of October 2019, students of the Agricultural school from the Welsh community of Gaiman, successfully built slides to improve the handling of sheep. 

As reported in one of our earlier blog posts, Fuhrmann established a formal partnership with the Gaiman based Bryn Gwyn Secondary School of Techno-Professional Education No. 733 in the year 2018. Young adults ages 11-17 attend the agricultural school to study crop and livestock farming. 

One of the goals of the collaboration was to transfer knowledge about the latest farming technologies and methods developed within the international wool industry community. Students are encouraged to adapt and further develop the provided blueprints for the local needs of the Patagonian wool growers. 

To improve and build the slides, students experimented with different materials to achieve the best combination of weight, durability, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility. The slides presented by the students make it less stressful for the sheep to be handled as well as improve the manual labour of the sheep handler. This ensures that also women who may have less strength can easily handle sheep during the necessary sheep health procedures. 

The slides are going to be tested on some of the 13 Fuhrmann managed sheep farms and feedback will be provided to the students to help improve the technology even further.

Fuhrmann supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This project works towards the following goals:

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