Schoeppel Wolle made with wool from Patagonia

Patagonia wool at the knitter’s finger tips

On 23-25 March 2018, we had the pleasure of attending the worldwide largest fair for handcraft and hobby called h+h cologne. The fair had a record attendance of around 16.000 visitors from 73 different countries. h+h cologne is an important fair for wool, especially in the hand knitting yarn sector.

We were especially keen on visiting the stand of our customer Schoppel Wolle and indeed, the stand did not disappoint. Patagonia, the source of Schoppel Wolle, was at the centre stage of the stand. Jeffrey Losekoot, Director of our mother company, The Schneider Group had the opportunity to talk to Gerhard Schoppel. Gerhard is the owner and creative brain behind Schoppel Wolle. He explained to Jeffrey, that he loves using wool from Patagonia because of the good crimp of the wool. He explained further that the crimp of the Patagonian wool is ideal for hand knitting.

Telling the wool story

While quality and crimp are only one important point, Gerhard is also keen on telling the Patagonia wool story. Over the past years, Gerhard has been visiting us at Fuhrmann many times to see our sheep and the Patagonian landscapes for himself. Through his visits, he better understood how our wool is grown and processed which helps him choose the right types of wool to create his beautiful yarns.

Connecting to the source of the fibre

Being able to connect with the source of the fibre also gives the Schoppel brand more authenticity and trust. Gerhard has seen for himself that everything is grown and processed in the best possible way. Connecting with Fuhrmann in Patagonia directly also opens up the opportunity to tell the story of the supply chain and of the people working together to create wonderful Schoppel hand knitting yarn.

We feel proud and honoured to be able to support Gerhard in developing beautiful, durable and valuable hand knitting yarns. We also feel fortunate that passionate knitters all over the world knit items they love to use – produced and processed on the grasslands of Patagonia.

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