Successful renewal of RWS and Organic certification audit

All 13 Fuhrmann managed farms passed

In August 2019, auditing company OIA completed its audit on all 13 Fuhrmann managed farms for Textile Exchange’s Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) as well as the Organic farming certification SENASA

As a company that is selling RWS and organic wool it may seem like a given to successfully complete the audits, as otherwise, we could not sell our wool as certified organic and RWS. However, we do want to take a moment to appreciate the successful completion of the audit for the following reasons. 

It is one part to start the process of becoming a certified farm filled with excitement for something new: new investments, new guidelines and training. However, it is another part of the farm managers to not only continue with the newly established procedures but also constantly strive to improve the welfare, biodiversity and efficiency of each farm. The temptation to just fall back into old and maybe easier habits is always there just as in all of our own lives. Therefore we applaud our farm managers and their teams for doing their best every day to ensure our farms are run in full compliance with the RWS and organic schemes. 

Fuhrmann supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This project works towards the following goals:

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