Dilling Underwear receives business award

Fuhrmann ingredient branding partner Dilling honoured as Success Business 2019 in Denmark

On 1 October 2019, the Danish Herning company Anky Production A / S, which is behind the organic lingerie line Dilling, has been awarded as the winner of the Success Business 2019 award of the region Central Jutland in Denmark. The Success Business 2019 is a newly established business award which recognises the top companies in Denmark which continuously succeed in generating growth and financial results.  The award was given and initiated by Spar Nord and BDO who awarded a total of 200 successful companies throughout the country. 


Morten Dilling Bertelsen, director and proprietor of Anky Production, expressed great enthusiasm for the award, “We usually only measure our customers ‘satisfaction and our employees’ job satisfaction, but I am touched to receive such a great prize. I honestly didn’t think it would happen”. The young entrepreneur explained further: “We are a company with 103 years of work, which has been in the Dilling family for four generations. It has been many years of hard work and ups and downs, but we have hit an absolute high with the award as the Success Business of the Year in Central Jutland. I think this is because we focus on sustainability, digitalisation and maintaining part of our production in Denmark while expanding to new markets abroad”.


At Fuhrmann, we are very happy to hear about the great success of Dilling. For several years now, Fuhrmann supplies GOTS certified organic wool to Dilling for the creation of their beautiful organic merino wool next to skin garments. The collaboration between Dilling and Fuhrmann is one of friendship and trust as we inspire each other to reach ever-higher standards for our sustainable and animal welfare-friendly supply chain from farm to garment. 


After the regional finals, a national winner will be announced and we cross our fingers for our friends at Dilling.


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